Monday, November 12, 2007

Trails closed

Yes :O( The trail system is officially closed. Club members set out just before hunting season and did some trail maintenance that helped VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travel) more than VASA but we feel that it is all good for everyone involved. Just before we shut the trails down the club was able to do some much needed trail maintenance including rebuilding a bridge that was pretty much non-existent and a safety hazard. We feel that working with VAST is the best way to keep the trails clear and open. Most members are involved in both associations. As trail coordinator I feel they go hand and hand. This season ran smoothly and we had very little problems/complaints. Thank you ! Unfortunately, at this time we are into hunting season and it is unsafe to ride with the hunters out there. After the hunting season weather permitted maybe (Big Maybe) we will open the trails for a short time before the snow flies. I can not make any promises but it could be a possibility. If there is snow on the ground at that time the trails will not be open at all. We have to have respect for VAST and the snowmobiling season. It is very important that they get a good base down and we do not disturb it.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching so let's give thanks for this season and many more to come. Happy holidays everyone and God Bless.

Wildbill, TTR trail coordinator

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