Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poker Run

The poker run was a big success. We had over 25 club members and a few riders from other VASA clubs. It was a wet and chilly morning ride but warmed up in the afternoon. We had three separate poker runs throughout the day from beginner to expert (scary) terrain. We even had a group go through the "secret trail" (you know who you are). There was some rough terrain and some serious bushwacking. We managed to take a wrong turn and had to turn around on a steep uphill trail. It was no easy task for 9 units but we all managed to make it through.

Dave. our master chef, assisted by Irene, had a feast prepared for lunch and dinner. There was BBQ chicken, pasta salads, fresh corn, beverages and plenty of desserts. Thanks to all the club members who made this event possible.

Thanks to all our guests for showing up for some great riding.


Heidi said...

Looks like you have great fun! We're from CT where we can't ride anywhere. We're considering joining a VT or NH club. We've heard that joining a club gives us access to and maps of other club's trails. Is that correct? We are registered in NY right now. Will hwe have to register separately in each state we ride in? Any help/info. you can give will be most appreciated.

Topsham Trail Riders said...

We register in VT and are members of VASA. We have club maps and VASA has maps for the state of VT. We can ride in NH with a VT registration but I think this is the last year for that. Each state/town has different rules and regulations. Feel free to e-mail me or call for more information.